3 Love Connection Tips from ‘Peace, Love, and Woe’

“Peace, Love, and Woe,” is episode 13 of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers season one. We meet the mysterious and extremely creepy looking Madam Woe who can control weather and zap beings into alternate dimensions.

For some reason, this sorcerer with awesome powers is loyal to evil space witch, Rita. So of course, Madam Woe agrees to ensnare the Rangers, leaving Earth undefended from Rita’s putties and clay monsters. All this is agreed upon as the Rangers prepare for a local dance at the juice bar.

Here are 3 Life Tips from “Peace, Love, and Woe,” episode 13 of season 1 that will help you make a connection with your crush:

1 – Be yourself when trying to attract a crush. Don’t try to be like anyone else who might have good “moves.”

Zack, the Black Ranger, is a great dancer (90’s dance moves). He offers to help teach Billy some moves to help Billy impress girls at the upcoming dance. Billy respectfully declines the offer.

Later on, Billy meets a girl who likes him because he’s…Billy. They have much in common and hit it off quickly. Billy didn’t need to be taught anyone else’s moves to find a date to the dance, he just had to be himself.

Be yourself and you’ll find the right person. Never make the mistake of thinking you have to be a certain way. Billy found a date that had been in the same “Accelerated Baby Genius Program” as a child, so you can definitely find a match with much in common with yourself. But you have to be yourself in the first place.

2 – When it comes to crushes, just go for it.

It’s always awkward and maybe even terrifying when confronting personal feelings for another. Approaching a crush is comparable to entering a war zone. Or better yet, it’s like ripping off a band-aid because the only way to do it as painlessly as possible is to just get it done.

Go for it. Rip off the band-aid. Take a chance. Life is too short to hold back and ponder what the other is feeling. Go for it and whatever happens, life will go on. The sun will continue to rise in the morning and love will still be complicated. So why wait?

Take a deep breath and take your shot.

3 – Step up to defend the ones you love (or have a crush on).

In this episode, Billy is quick to step up and volunteer to take Madam Woe one-on-one. He wants to keep his new friend safe and sound. He knows that Woe was after him in the first place, and he’s determined to make it right.

Thank you for reading this post and I hope if there’s anyone out there you dream of dating – just go for it. (Unless it’s creepy and/or illegal. Don’t do that. Seriously.)

Have a great day and take some chances!

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