4 Insightful Life Lessons from…Rude People

No matter who you are or where you find yourself wandering, rude people are unfortunately unavoidable from time to time. Especially when working for the public and dealing with customers, it’s inevitable that we all come across these unpleasant humans occasionally.

It’s never fun to encounter those who are impolite and disrespectful, but looking on the bright side, there are four life lessons to be learned from brash people:

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1 – Being rude makes a person generally unhappy.

Typically, rudeness is a vicious cycle. Let’s say a certain lady is in a poor mood and treats a cashier with ill-tempered shortness and disrespect. By being so mean, this lady is going to worsen her already sucky mood. This will lead her to continue her impertinent behavior. She will keep spreading negativity and consequently hamper her own happiness.

Look at the people who are always rude and I can almost guarantee they are also rarely happy. They have let a poor mood fester and grow into an overall judgmental and mean-spirited personality.

If you want to be happy, don’t be rude to others. Hurting feelings is a sure way to inadvertently destroy your own emotional state. You won’t be ruining another person’s day, you’ll be ruining your own day.

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2 – Never make others feel the way rude people make a person feel.

One of the golden rules of life is to “treat others as you would like to be treated.” When someone treats me poorly, disrespects me, or is just flat out cruel to me – I know in my soul that I absolutely, sincerely hope that I NEVER make another person feel that way.

All the times someone was rude to me, it reinforced a behavior that I want to be totally sure I never repeat to others. I don’t want to make others feel poorly about themselves. I don’t want to hurt feelings. I don’t want to be an example of how not to treat people.

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3 – We are all going through hard times.

Whenever I encounter a rude person, I’ve learned to picture that person’s personal life as being stressful and strenuous. When taking this perspective, it’s easier to brush off the negativity and write off any rude comments as that person letting off steam and taking things out on me.

It’s not okay to take things out on others who have no clue what you’re going through, but many people do this unknowingly and it comes off as sheer disrespect. There’s no excuse for this behavior, so don’t let it affect you.

If you’re dealing with an impertinent human, don’t let that person upset you. He/she probably has a lot going on personally and is unfairly taking insecurities out on the wrong person. Don’t take it personally. The rude person is stressing out and needs to learn better ways of dealing with it than yelling at innocent bystanders.

On the flip side of this – make sure to never let your personal life issues lead you to explode onto those who have nothing to do with it. Find healthy ways to deal with stress because every human on the planet is dealing with something internally.

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4 – Life is too short for insolence.

Deep down we all want to leave a legacy on this planet. Don’t waste time being impatient and disrespectful. Life is too short to waste precious minutes on malicious behavior.

All we’ve been given is one life and we need to make the most of it. Don’t waste time being unhappy and spreading negativity. Instead, spend time enjoying what we have and spreading good spirits. Make others feel loved, not “less than.”

Photo by ATC Comm Photo on Pexels.com

That’s what my experiences with rude people has taught me. It’s never a pleasant moment in the midst of another’s poor attitude, but it has taught me how NOT to act. And perhaps, that’s just as important as being taught the right way to act.

On a less serious note, I’ve also learned that rude people HATE it when you’re super nice to them. Kill ’em with kindness. Flash a huge, cheesy grin. 😀

Thanks for reading this post. Go out and spread positivity and don’t let the rude people bring you down.

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