This is Why Playing with Rocks is Enlightening

My 18-month old niece has recently developed a fascination with rocks. She loves going around the gravel driveway and searching for different rocks she feels are worthy enough to pick up and show off.

These little solid, jagged rocks are something we all overlook and forget about, but as I began to observe the rocks with my niece, I learned a couple things about life:

Photo by Ir Solyanaya on

1 – Slow down and look at details otherwise ignored.

Time goes by faster the older we get. We begin to run on auto-pilot and our minds never stop. We constantly think about our next move instead of thinking about now. These rocks I walk on everyday taught me just how much I overlook life because I’m always on the go. I fail to see what’s right under my feet, and I know I’m not the only one.

2 – Simple things matter much.

Rocks – little pebbles of sentiment on the ground – entertained my niece for hours. She didn’t need expensive toys or an iPad to watch Youtube. She just needed a driveway full of rocks and she was happy, she was content.

Most of us feel like we need more – more stuff, more money, more everything. Because of this constant desire for more things, we forget how awesome the simple joys in life can be. We are obsessed with getting our hands on items we don’t need because they make us happy for a quick instant.

Photo by Kaboompics .com on

Maybe we should stop wanting more and start finding ways to have real happiness within the simple bliss life has given us.

On a less serious note, I learned that if an 18-month old child wants you to look at rocks with her, you better suck it up and get your hands dirty. That’s the most important thing in that particular moment – looking at gray gravel with a sweet niece.

Enjoy the simple things and slow down. Learn from everything.

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