3 Life TIps from a Doctor Who Graphic Novel

Graphic Novels are just fun. And even more fun are graphic novels about Doctor Who. The title of the graphic novel I’m writing about today is Doctor Who: The Thirteenth Doctor: A New Beginning.

This is a short, exciting read with vibrant graphics and our familiar Doctor with her current companions. We meet a treasure obsessed creature who is kidnapping for ransoms and a couple of amateur time travelers caught in his grasp.

As with most entertainment associated with Doctor Who, it was easy to learn from this short book. Here are the three major lessons from A New Beginning:

1 – Chasing trouble is dangerous but it keeps things interesting.

The Doctor and her crew often run towards trouble in order to investigate and help others. Basically, if you get in the Tardis you aren’t on vacation. You’re going to be put to work. You’ll end up in sketchy scenarios at each stop. But that’s what makes traveling with the Doctor so breathtaking.

Venturing out into the unknown can be dangerous. Lending a helping hand can be intimidating. Putting yourself on the line in anyway is terrifying, but that’s how we grow. That’s how we experience the best moments of our lives. That’s how we find out how strong and resilient we can be.

Humans, like Time Lords, aren’t meant to sit still and live the same day over and over for fifty years. Maybe all of us should get into some trouble from time to time, just to shake things up and experience something new.

Photo by VisionPic .net on Pexels.com

2 – Knowing everything is not desirable.

The Doctor is over a thousand years old and has lived and learned more than any human could imagine. And yet, even she continues to learn new information with each regeneration.

In this graphic novel, the Doctor briefly mentions that she doesn’t know everything and that knowing everything would be unfortunate. Learning is exhilarating and if you know everything there is to know, you’ll stop learning. Then what?

We have a vast universe full of unlearned knowledge. Learn everyday of your life because it’s a priceless gift. Explore and experience all that you can get your hands on in this life. Learning is eternal.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

3 – Across language, social, or religious barriers, people can still comfort one another.

There’s an image in this book of a few aliens locked up by the “Hoarder.” The aliens imprisoned hold each other. We find out a little later that those in the cages couldn’t even understand each other. They were from different places and spoke unique languages.

We are all human and of course we have our differences. These diversities shouldn’t keep us from having empathy and caring for each other. Deep down we are the same. We can come together to make the world better instead of pushing away those who are different than us.

This fun read provided me with the three lessons that: danger can be worth it, don’t try to know everything, and comfort everyone regardless of differences.

On a less serious note, use a shield with your time traveling machine because it will keep you from being kidnapped by an alien hoarder.

Thanks for reading. Go get into some trouble.

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