Dear Body…I’m sorry

Where to begin? I have bullied you more than I would like to admit. I’ve put you through the ringer, both physically and emotionally. I have abused this vessel of life…and I want to say that I am sorry.

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Body of mine, you are unique. You look like no other – one of a kind. You behave like no other. You are a masterpiece and I have no excuse as to why I often forget this fact. You do not deserve the harshness I have bestowed upon you for a decade. You deserve much better than that. I do not deserve you.

Honestly Body, when all the madness began I thought I was helping you. I thought those ads and fads told me the truth. I was young and naive. Only years later did I realize that I was causing horrendous harm to your efficient structure. After much damage I finally understood that the goals I was shooting for weren’t even real.

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Yes, Body, you deserve better and I promise to always give you better. This society does not support your well-being. They all want you to suffer and be hated. But I see through them now. I know they are liars. They are too ignorant to comprehend your beauty and worth.

I will be smarter. I see your value. I see your magnificent power, endurance, and capability. I am beyond lucky to have you, Body. You are a wonder of the world all by yourself.

Forgive me, Body, for my torturous past. Together we will make the most of this life. I see your true colors raging inside and they are vibrant. They are beautiful. The skin, the scars, the face, the frame – they are all sublime perfection. You and I, we make an unstoppable team.

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Thank you, Body, for sticking with me. Thank you for carrying me through the years along many adventures. More are soon to come and I will care for you diligently throughout them all. That’s a promise.


A Survivor of a Diet Society

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