3 Lessons from being Chased by a Goose

It was a nice, sunny, breezy day and I held my 18 month old niece as we walked the nature trail. We saw many birds and turtles along the way. In one area, we saw a couple of geese hanging out. Geese are beautiful and pretty large. I inched closer to get a better look.

My motto has always been “curiosity > caution.” The goose closest to me began to make a noise that sounded oddly similar to a cat hissing. The next thing I knew, the big bird began to charge and I ran from it holding my niece tightly.

What did I learn about life?

1 – Respect others’ area.

Personal space is serious. Respect the area that others call their own. We all need a private place to eat, sleep, and hangout where outsiders aren’t always welcome.

2 – Heed the warning signs.

If there’s ever any indication to turn around and move on – take it seriously. Don’t push the limits until someone gets hurt. If a giant bird hisses at you – turn around. Quit messing with it.

3 – Expect some repercussions when taking chances.

If you invade personal space and ignore warning signs due to undying curiosity- be prepared for some repercussions. Exploration is great – you just have to know that there might be some backlash if you go too far.

On a lesson serious note…but also seriously – don’t mess with geese. They don’t play around.

Have a great day and if you see a goose out and about – don’t try to be his friend. He might attack you.

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