Three Lessons from Walking My Dogs

People walk their dogs everyday, all over the globe. What could a person possibly learn from this experience? Here are three life lessons I derived from this two mile trek with my pups:

1 – It’s not about the speed or distance, it’s about the journey.

Do you know how annoying it is to have your walking buddies literally stop, sniff, and urinate every twenty feet? But you know what? They actually have the right idea. Humans like to rush through life. We could all benefit from slowing down a bit and smelling the roses. Even if it makes the trip twice as long, it makes the experience more enlightening.

2 – Ignore any others watching from the sidelines trying to distract from the goal.

Neighboring dogs throw major hissy/barking fits when I walk by with my pups. My pups couldn’t care less. They ignore the distractions and keep strutting along.

How empowering would it be if, instead of letting others bring us down, we just keep trekking as if those downers are just barks in the wind? They are only angry because they aren’t walking with us.

Strive to keep doing your thing and ignore those who refuse to venture out.

3 – Home is where we can rest.

That big white rusty house is a sight for sore eyes after dodging wildlife and dusty traffic. We made it home! And that means…water, rest, and time for treats.

Rest is important. We worked hard and we deserve to relax. Make your home a place of kicking back and being proud of the hard effort put into the day.

On a less serious note…I also learned that my dog will absolutely not get out of the road for a coming car. It’s his world, we humans are all just living in it.

A simple dog walk = focus on the journey, not the destination; ignore the haters; and rest.

Have a great day…go out and learn.

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