A Life Lesson from a One Year Old

At one year, babies are on the move and trying to see as much of the world as possible before a bottle is shoved in their mouths and sleep inevitably takes over. Oh, and literally ANYTHING in sight is destined to enter the slobbery mouth. So what’s to be learned from a tiny human discovering new sights, smells, and senses every second?

Put off sleep until as much exploration as possible takes place.

Sleep is for the weak – according to one year olds. In this case, ‘sleep’ acts as a metaphor for ‘responsibilities.’ Adults usually have to be…adults, and we put off fun time because there are mundane tasks still undone.

Take a lesson from babies and say, “Nope. Not today. I’m busy exploring.” Adults need fun, too. Sometimes it’s actually more productive to say, “I’ll just do that laundry tomorrow. Today, I’m playing in the mud.”

On a less serious note…I also learned that apparently having your diaper changed is a traumatic event. Who knew?

Make time for fun. Those dishes and bills will still be there tomorrow after we ‘adults’ let off some steam and act like a one year old for a moment.

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