335 – Knowledge is Power But Ignorance is Bliss

What’s worse: to be a rat in a cage and never know it or to know you’re a rat in a cage and not be able to do anything about it?

Knowledge is power but ignorance is bliss?

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334 – Is it Possible to Alter Reality?

The unstoppable force and the immovable object. It’s what we want versus what reality has provided. One in the same. The physics and the games. Life is just a large game.

Can we win or alter the physics of reality? Or do we change what we want? Change our minds.

Change the objective of the game. Make the objective subjective because what’s within us all is a concoction of chemicals that varies from soul to soul.

Create your own objective. Then create your own reality that matches up with your personal objective.

Easier said than done. But impossible? Na. Not really. Just takes time and energy. And we use up so much energy doing stuff that’s so irrelevant to our objectives.

Give up everything that holds you back for your objective. Again, easier said than done. But did we really believe that altering our reality would be simple?

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333 – Paddle Boarding is Life


It’s freedom

I paddle out


From everything

From everyone

From the world

From my life

From my stress

From my problems

Once I’m out on the water

It’s just me

Only me

Just me and my peace

In those moments

Away from it all

I’m free

On the water


With the wind

And the waves

The rippling water


I’m free


No one

Can touch me


But not lonely

At peace

With the spirits

Of my friends


Watching over


Alongside me

I’m free

I’m me

Nothing matters

Just here and now

On the water




I’m free

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330 – A World Full of Jokers

I like the Gotham Joker. The kid. He’s got something about him.

I liked the Joker movie with Phoenix. Epic. Dark. Disturbing.

Of course I enjoyed Heath Ledger’s Joker.

I liked Jared Leto’s portrayal as well.

Not a fan of the version played by Jack N. Not mysterious enough. Too mobster.

Five different kinds of takes on one single character. Pretty cool, huh?

The Joker – intelligent, mad, and sinister.




I can’t do the laughing thing. Maybe I should laugh more. Laughing feels uncomfortable. Is that a sign. WHY am I SO SERIOUS? 🧐.

The world is too serious.


Crack a smile once in awhile, world.

Too much knowledge of minor things. Not enough knowledge of life.

The Joker probably knew about life. Supersanity.

Supersanity. So sane that he appears insane to everyone else.

He never seemed insane to me. He seemed to know too much and it made him sad. So he laughed to cover it up and killed out of frustration and his nihilistic views of the world.

Then came Batman and he made Joker feel alive for the first time in his life. To the Joker, he and Batman were gods in this world and all others were just ants to be smushed and played with.

Joker thought he and Batman were above all else so he thought it was funny how much Batman loved humans. He thought it made him weaker.

Red hair? Green? White skin? Chelsea smile? Makeup? Chemicals? Loves Harley or uses her? Mobster or nobody?

The Joker represents something inside of us all. What is it? Why do you we love him and all his variations so much?

We can’t get enough Joker. An evil serial Killer with no regard to humanity – and we love this character.






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329 – Is there Power in Belief?

What if I believed in me?

What if I believe I’m free?

Is there power in belief?

Delusional or enlightening?

Haha. I Don’t know, you see?

Ich weiß nicht 🤔

Ich weiß nicht


I bought a bunch of stuff

Temporary happiness

That’s what they say

Extrinsic goods

Extrinsic happiness

We want the InternL stuff

Intrinsic goods

Intrinsic happiness

He says it’s all belief

We shall see

New boots


New books

Heaven, man

New bodywash

(But I am still healing from coronavirus and cannot really smell the heavenly soaps I purchased today)

Gifts for the baby! Baby girl. Can’t wait to meet her.

Hey! That’s an intrinsic factor, yeah? Holding a baby gives me some intrinsic happiness. Babies!

Puppies! Kittens!

Not people, though. My allergies act up in the presence of too many people. Humans.

One on one? Oh yeah. I’ll kill that conversation with curiosity and compassion.

Three or more? Too much. Must leave. People in crowds lose themselves. They lose their goodness and we all become objectified.

What else did I buy…not much. Good thing! Almost bought the white boots, too. They didn’t have my size. My bank account is grateful. Still have medical bills for the finger incident.


Hey, it’s free. Not curious? That’s cool.

Are you still with me?

Money, money, money! Damn we can’t get enough of that useless stuff, can we?

And it’s close to Christmas. Know what that means? Time to blow that money on useless plastic nothing!

Plastic. Bad for the planet. Extrinsic items!

Intrinsic goods are not plastic.

They’re carbon. They’re alive!

Or are they…perhaps they are extraterrestrial. Not of this earth, but of the Soulscape.

The Soulscape.

Do I believe in the Soulscape? Do I believe in me? It’s Saturday night. Perhaps I should just go to sleep…

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328 – Money and the Flat Earth Theory

He wants money for Christmas. He wants money all the time. The world revolves around it. Why wouldn’t he want it?

He had been told that money equals status. It equals happiness.

Tik tok stars. Celebrities. Things. All give off the impression that fame and money are the goals of a perfect life aspiration,

So he wants money. Money for things and these things might get him followers. Then he’s moneyless again and asks for more money for more things.

See with money and followers, there’s no cap. It’s like trying to run to the end of the Earth – you’ll just keep going on forever, never reaching your goal. Round and round. Never ending. Never happy.

I’m not a flat-earth conspiracy person.

For flat earth people, you have to just come up with your own metaphors. I’m tired and your brain probably likes to morph words anyway.

Money, money, money. Guns and watches and cars and jewelry and phones and video games and Apple and Android and shoes and clothes and nothing matters anymore.

Stuff to stuff drawers and closets and hide the missing pieces of your soul. Cover the broken hearts with shiny necklaces and smart watches. Gain more followers to fill the void and feeling that you’re unlovable.

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327 – Promises are Currency

Promises like currency

Spend them wisely

But we don’t

It’s like credit

Spent frivolously

It means nothing


Just say it more often

Loses its value quickly


Same thing

Takes more to mean anything

These days

Like credit

“I’ll pay you back.”

Yet no one ever does

Trust scores

Promise scores

Averaging low for most

Takes years to build it

One bad decision

It send it plummeting


Rock bottom

Trust debt

Promise debt

Goes with us to the grave

And beyond

Into the next life

Mean it

Or don’t say it

If you don’t have

The capacity

To deliver

Don’t say it

Don’t promise it

Don’t ask for trust

It there’s a chance

You’ll fail

Like currency

Don’t spend

What you don’t have

Don’t spend frivolously

If you can’t back it up

Build a lifetime of

Trust and promises

Be wealthy in

Trust and promises

Not drowning in debt

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326 – The Devil only Exists in Your Head

Ten years ago I was afraid of the devil. Now I’m not even sure I believe in the devil. I thought I was evil and haunted by demons because of the things I had done. They told me something was wrong with me and I believed them. I felt I wasn’t good enough for grace because of what I had been told my entire life.

Breaking free of all those beliefs has set me apart from all the negativity I grew up with. How could I ever go back? Am I perfect? No. Am I evil and deserving of torment and suffering? No.

So call me the devil all you want. If becoming a better person and learning that I’ve never had anything to be sorry for is satanic, then so be it. They can think what they will. They’ve looked down upon me my entire life. I tried to please them and I have now grown wings to escape their darkness.

I am not the darkness just because I’m a free thinker and enjoy death metal. I am not the darkness just because I am proud of myself and my choices. They are the darkness for making children feel ashamed of themselves. They are the darkness infecting this world. They are the darkness they do religiously preach against.

I do believe in the devil. The devil is all of those zealots condemning those of us trying to live and enjoy life. You wanted the devil, you created him.

I’m not afraid of the devil because I’m confident in who I am. I know where I stand. I don’t have all the answers but I know I’ll never return to your house of lies and judgement.

My goal is to spread love and goodness to the world. Your goal is to infect people’s minds with self hate and condemnation.

Call me the devil all you want. For every accusation you make, you only grow the devil in your own heart.

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